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1st "JORGE SALLENAVE" Literary Contest.


I am very happy to announce the15 winners of the 1st JORGE SALLENAVE Literary Contest.

All of them will be part of the digital anthology that in a few months will be available both on Jorge's social networks and in EL DIARIO DE LA REPUBLICA and the SEMANARIO LA OPINION.

Congratulations to those selected.



  • Daniel Alberto Casas (Tucumán)  

  • Guillermo Fernando Demo (San Luis) 

  • Ana Claudia Machado (San Luis)

  • Pablo Natalio Garay Hernandez (Uruguay)

  • Jorge Oscar Bossio  (Córdoba)

  • Jorge Alberto Uriza  (Buenos Aires)

  • Irene Alejandra Benegas (San Luis)

  • Rodrigo Mariano Nuñez (Buenos Aires)

  • Alejandro Gustavo Ruggerio  (CABA)

  • Silvana Landaburu  (Buenos Aires)

  • Eduardo Antonio López  (CABA)

  • Martin Ernesto Troncoso (CABA)

  • Olga Appiani de Linares (CABA)

  • Jorge Eduardo Lenard Vives (CABA)

  • Mitzi Vega Valerio  (Mexico)


Here is a note that was published today on the subject:



And many thanks to the more than 250 participants, who sent more than 430 works. It was a beautiful task for the jury to go through so many beautiful ideas and stories with so much creativity.


an affectionate greeting

Thank you!


Eduardo Sallenave

February 10, 2023

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