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Photo Jorge Sallenave

Jorge Sallenave, storyteller where we can all see ourselves identified.

He was born in San Luis (Argentina) on February 10, 1944. Passionate about reading and writing from an early age. He completed his university studies at the University of Buenos Aires where he obtained a Law Degree.

He did work as a scriptwriter for comics, radio and television.

He published his comics in Editorial Columba, Dante Quinterno and others.

On radio, he did programs on Radio Rivadavia, Radio El Mundo, Radio Excelsior.

He produced and directed the series "Una Idea la Selmira" for three years on LS1 Radio Municipal de Buenos Aires, a program about suspense and horror stories.

He published his first book in 1991 "Clubs and Diamonds" and never stopped generating stories that took shape in17 novels, 60 short stories, 1 play, 1 book of poems and various radio buses.

Creative, curious, observant of the everyday, his main source of inspiration, as was his beloved San Luis, who he knew how to portray in several of his works.

Jorge physically leaves us on June 5, 2022, but his work will continue to be read over time.

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